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Chart 1
From Cape Mortola to Cape Lena

Chart 2
From Cape Lena to Cape Arenzano

Chart 3
From Cape Arenzano to Punta Manara

Chart 4
From Point Manara to Marina di Carrara

Chart 5
From Marina di Carrara to Leghorn

Chart 6
From Leghorn to Point del Molino

Chart 7
From Point del Molino to Point Ala with Gulf of Follonica and Elba Island

Chart 7a
Capraia Island

Chart 7b
Gorgona Island

Chart 7c
Pianosa Island

Chart 8
From Castiglione della Pescaia to Ansedonia, Argentario and Islands

Chart 8a
Argentario Promontory with Giannutri Island

Chart 8b
Giglio Island

Chart 8c
Montecristo Island

Chart 9
From Ansedonia to Montalto di Castro

Chart 10
From Montalto di Castro to S. Severa

Chart 11
From Cape Linaro to Fiumicino

Chart 12
From Fiumicino to Torre Astura

Chart 13
From Torre Astura to Porto Badino with Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone

Chart 14
From Porto Badino to Formia with Ventotene and S. Stefano Islands

Chart 14a
Ponza Island

Chart 14d
Ventotene Island - S. Stefano Island

Chart 15
From Point Stendardo to Torre Gaveta

Chart 16
From Torre Gaveta to Cape Sottile, with Gulf of Naples, Ischia, Procida and Capri

Chart 16a
Ischia and Procida

Chart 16b
Capri Island

Chart 17
From Cape Sottile to Point Licosa with Gulf of Salerno

Chart 18
From Point Licosa to Point Iscoletti

Chart 19
From Point Iscoletti to Cape Bonifati with Gulf of Policastro

Chart 20
From Cape Bonifati to Scoglio Formicola

Chart 21
From Scoglio Formicola to Cape Vaticano with Gulf of S. Eufemia

Chart 22
From Cape Vaticano to Reggio Calabria with Gulf of Gioia and Messina Strait

Chart 23
From Reggio Calabria to Bovalino Marina

Chart 24
From Bovalino Marina to Point Stilo

Chart 25
From Point Stilo to Point Staletti

Chart 26
From Point Staletti to Crotone with Cape Rizzuto

Chart 27
From Crotone to Point Alice

Chart 28
From Point Alice to Point Coscio

Chart 29
From Point Coscio to Torre di Scansano with the Amendolara Bank

Chart 30
From Torre Scanzano to Taranto, with the Armeleia Shallows

Chart 31
From Torre dell'Ovo to Gallipoli with S. Andrea Island

Chart 32
From Gallipoli to Porto Badisco with Cape S. Maria di Leuca and Ugento Shallows

Chart 33
From Porto Badisco to Point S. Cataldo

Chart 34
From Point S. Cataldo to Torre Guaceto with Brindisi

Chart 35
From Torre Guaceto to Torre Canne

Chart 36
From Torre Canne to Bari

Chart 37
From Bari to Barletta

Chart 38
From Barletta to Testa del Gargano with Gulf of Manfredonia

Chart 39
From Testa del Gargano to Rodi Garganico

Chart 40
From Rodi Garganico to Point Pietre Nere with Tremiti Islands and Pianosa Island

Chart 41
From Point Pietre Nere to Point Penna

Chart 42
From Point Penna to Pescara

Chart 43
From Pescara to S. Benedetto del Tronto

Chart 44
From Porto S. Giorgio to Numana

Chart 45
From Numana to Fano

Chart 46
From Fano to Cesenatico

Chart 47
From Cesenatico to Porto Corsini and Oil Platforms

Chart 48
From Porto Corsini to Foce del Po della Gnocca with the Goro Shallows

Chart 49
From Foce del Po di Goro to Porto Caleri with Point della Maestra

Chart 50
From Porto Caleri to Piave Vecchia with Laguna Veneta

Chart 51
From Piave Vecchia to Point Tagliamento

Chart 52
From Point Tagliamento to Cape Salvore with the Lagoon of Marano and the Gulf of Trieste

Chart 53
From Cape Rasocolmo to Cape Calava' with the Gulf of Patti and Vulcano Island

Chart 54
Eolie Islands

Chart 55
Eolie Islands - Alicudi and Filicudi

Chart 56
From Cape d'Orlando to Point Finale

Chart 57
From Point Finale to Cape Zafferano

Chart 58
From Cape Zaferano to Cape Rama with the Gulf of Palermo and the Bay of Carini

Chart 58a
Ustica Island

Chart 59
From Cape Rama to Trapani with the Gulf of Castellammare and Cape S. Vito

Chart 60
From Trapani to Marsala with Egadi Islands

Chart 61
From Marsala to Cape S. Marco

Chart 61a
Pantelleria Island

Chart 61b
Pelagie Islands

Chart 62
From Cape S. Marco to Cape Rossello

Chart 63
From Cape Rossello to Licata

Chart 64
From Licata to Marina di Ragusa

Chart 65
From Marina di Ragusa to Lido di Noto with Cape Passero

Chart 66
From Lido di Noto to Cape Campolato with Siracusa and Augusta

Chart 67
From Cape Campolato to Cape Schiso' with Catania

Chart 68
From Cape Schiso' to Cape Peloro with the Messina Strait

Chart 69
From Cape Coda Cavallo to Cape Ferro with the Gulf of Olbia and the Gulf of Congianus

Chart 70
From Cape Ferro to Point Li Canneddi with the Bocche di Bonifacio, the La Maddalena Archipelago and the Gulf of Arzachena

Chart 71
From Point Li Canneddi to Point Scoglietti with Asinara Island and Porto Torres

Chart 72
From Cape Falcone to Cape Caccia

Chart 73
From Cape Caccia to Cape Marargiu with Alghero Harbour

Chart 74
From Cape Marargiu to Cape S. Marco

Chart 75
From Cape S. Marco to Cape Pecora with Gulf of Oristano

Chart 76
From Cape Pecora to Cape Sperone with S. Pietro and S. Antioco Islands

Chart 77
From Cape Sperone to Cape di Pula with the Gulf of Palmas and the Gulf of Teulada

Chart 78
From Cape di Pula to Cape Ferrato with the Gulf of Cagliari

Chart 79
From Cape Ferrato to Point Su Mastiri

Chart 80
From Point Su Mastiri to Foce del Cedrino with the Gulf of Orosei

Chart 81
From Orosei to Cape Coda Cavallo

Chart 82
From Baie de Figari all'Anse de Cannella with the Bocche of Bonifacio and the Gulf of Porto Vecchio

Chart 83
From Anse de Cannella to Campoloro

Chart 84
From Campoloro to Santa Severa with Bastia

Chart 85
From Santa Severa to Point di Canelle with Cape Corso and the Giraglia Island

Chart 86
From Point di Canelle to Cape Mursetta with Gulf of S. Florent, Ile Rousse and Revellata

Chart 87
From Cape Mursetta to Cap de Feno with the Gulf of Porto and the Gulf of Sagone

Chart 88
From Cap De Feno to Pointe Senetosa with the Gulf of Ajaccio and the Gulf of Valinco

Chart 89
From Cape Mortola to Cap Roux

Chart 90
From Cap Roux to Cavalaire Sur Mer with Gulf of Saint Tropez and the Ile du Levant

Chart 91
From Point Sottile to Cape Salvore (Rt Savudrija) with the Bay of Capodistria (Koperski Zaliv) and the Bay of Pirano (Piranski Zaliv)

Chart 92
From Trieste to Prizna with Istria, Quarnaro, Cherso (Cres) Island, Veglia (Krk) Island, Arbe (Rab) Island, Lussino (Losinj) Island and the other smaller islands

Chart 93
From Prizna to Trogir with Zara, Sebenico and the Kornati Islands

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