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Mediterranean charts
Ports and Marinas directory

69 From Cape Coda Cavallo to Cape Ferro with the Gulf of Olbia and the Gulf of Congianus 20
70 From Cape Ferro to Point Li Canneddi with the Bocche di Bonifacio, the La Maddalena Archipelago and the Gulf of Arzachena 36
71 From Point Li Canneddi to Point Scoglietti with Asinara Island and Porto Torres 9
72 From Cape Falcone to Cape Caccia 3
73 From Cape Caccia to Cape Marargiu with Alghero Harbour 2
74 From Cape Marargiu to Cape S. Marco 2
75 From Cape S. Marco to Cape Pecora with Gulf of Oristano 3
76 From Cape Pecora to Cape Sperone with S. Pietro and S. Antioco Islands 11
77 From Cape Sperone to Cape di Pula with the Gulf of Palmas and the Gulf of Teulada 4
78 From Cape di Pula to Cape Ferrato with the Gulf of Cagliari 12
79 From Cape Ferrato to Point Su Mastiri 1
80 From Point Su Mastiri to Foce del Cedrino with the Gulf of Orosei 6
81 From Orosei to Cape Coda Cavallo 8

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