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Mediterranean charts
Ports and Marinas directory

30 From Torre Scanzano to Taranto, with the Armeleia Shallows 10
31 From Torre dell'Ovo to Gallipoli with S. Andrea Island 10
32 From Gallipoli to Porto Badisco with Cape S. Maria di Leuca and Ugento Shallows 9
33 From Porto Badisco to Point S. Cataldo 4
34 From Point S. Cataldo to Torre Guaceto with Brindisi 6
35 From Torre Guaceto to Torre Canne 2
36 From Torre Canne to Bari 9
37 From Bari to Barletta 7
38 From Barletta to Testa del Gargano with Gulf of Manfredonia 6
39 From Testa del Gargano to Rodi Garganico 3
40 From Rodi Garganico to Point Pietre Nere with Tremiti Islands and Pianosa Island 4

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Marina d'Arechi, Salerno