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Mediterranean charts
Ports and Marinas directory

82 From Baie de Figari all'Anse de Cannella with the Bocche of Bonifacio and the Gulf of Porto Vecchio 7
83 From Anse de Cannella to Campoloro 2
84 From Campoloro to Santa Severa with Bastia 6
85 From Santa Severa to Point di Canelle with Cape Corso and the Giraglia Island 2
86 From Point di Canelle to Cape Mursetta with Gulf of S. Florent, Ile Rousse and Revellata 7
87 From Cape Mursetta to Cap de Feno with the Gulf of Porto and the Gulf of Sagone 4
88 From Cap De Feno to Pointe Senetosa with the Gulf of Ajaccio and the Gulf of Valinco 7

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Marina d'Arechi, Salerno