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Mediterranean charts
Ports and Marinas directory

53 From Cape Rasocolmo to Cape Calava' with the Gulf of Patti and Vulcano Island 6
54 Eolie Islands 21
55 Eolie Islands - Alicudi and Filicudi 3
56 From Cape d'Orlando to Point Finale 2
57 From Point Finale to Cape Zafferano 6
58 From Cape Zaferano to Cape Rama with the Gulf of Palermo and the Bay of Carini 15
58a Ustica Island 1
59 From Cape Rama to Trapani with the Gulf of Castellammare and Cape S. Vito 5
60 From Trapani to Marsala with Egadi Islands 8
61 From Marsala to Cape S. Marco 5
61a Pantelleria Island 7
61b Pelagie Islands 5
62 From Cape S. Marco to Cape Rossello 2
63 From Cape Rossello to Licata 5
64 From Licata to Marina di Ragusa 3
65 From Marina di Ragusa to Lido di Noto with Cape Passero 10
66 From Lido di Noto to Cape Campolato with Siracusa and Augusta 16
67 From Cape Campolato to Cape Schiso' with Catania 16
68 From Cape Schiso' to Cape Peloro with the Messina Strait 3

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