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The volume is updated yearly while this online version is updated on weekly basis

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The yachtsman's
essential guide

A unique publication in its kind (available in italian only), Pagine Azzure is certainly the yachtsman's best friend. Conventional pilot-books often list information that are only interesting to small-boats: this is why Pagine Azzurre were first conceived. This new pilot-book obviously does not substitute the official publications: it just synthetises and integrates them in a book packed with information but easy to read and consult. Pagine Azzurre is updated every year: this is its biggest asset. It is also distributed in May, at the beginning of the yachting season, when it is most useful to the reader. The latest edition includes official charts and plans - each and every harbour in Italy, Cote d'Azure and Corsica - by the Italian National Authority, Istituto Idrografico della Marina.

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Pagine Azzurre 2016

Issue 2016

Pagine Azzurre Editrice
636 pages (italian only)

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